Spreading God’s Word Through Music



Robert Tyler (left) and Ronnie Thomas (right) are co-writers of several gospel bluegrass songs that are currently available at Apple Itunes, Gyro, and Spotify.  Robert is a church deacon and children’s book author.  Ronnie is also a church deacon who has spent several decades writing and singing Christian music. These songs are currently being aired on several radio stations in the U.S, Canada, and Australia.

Robert Tyler and Ronnie Thomas

Songs available include “Going Up”,  “Hallelujah Morning”, and “Spin Me Around”.

Available in March, 2019:  “Glorify”, “Golden Wings, “, “The Grave is Empty Now” (Easter song) and “Looks Like Angel Hands Cried” (Mother’s Day song).

Remember, these and other songs by Robert and Ronnie are available through Apple I-Tunes, Gyro,  and Spotify.

Blessings to all.




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